Why Didn’t They Tell Me……….

when I took my daughter home from the hospital after her birth, that the day would come when she would be able to drive a car without having me in it? Come to think of it, they never even gave me an instruction manual upon our departure. Alas, the day has come, and Jen is driving for the first time by herself. She drove to a youth service tonight about 20 minutes away. I did real good. I waited about 15 minutes until after she should have been there……………………………………..and then I called. Her response? “Oh, mom.” I guaranteed that I wasn’t going to call her every time she goes out in the car, but cut me some slack. This was her first time. I realize though that this child who is really on loan to me from God is in His hands, and I simply must rely on Him to watch over her. God wants me to trust Him with this area of my life too, so……………………………………….I will. 🙂

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Safety Slogans For Jen

A few years ago, a friend of mine who was a bus driver at the time asked me if I could come up with some safe driving slogans for a contest he was having at work.(I love doing stuff like this. Maybe I should have gone into advertising.)  I had completely forgotten about these, but came across them yesterday when I was looking for something else in our computer files.  I thought I would share these here for the benefit(and possibly a chuckle or two) of my daughter and any other new drivers who will be getting a license soon. 


Some Safety Slogans




1.     As a matter of fact, I don’t own the road.


2.     Stay Alive – Think and Drive.


3.     Driving like there’s no tomorrow is likely to produce that result.


4.     Reckless driving just may be your ticket to some place out of this world!


5.     Got indicators?  Got brakes?  Got a license?  Got insurance?


6.     Speed – some it thrills, some it kills.


7.     Crash Go The Chariots! – when traffic signals are ignored.


8.     Hit and run was meant for the ball field.


9.     Don’t be the driving force behind traffic accidents.


10.             Having a license doesn’t make you a safe driver, any more than having a lottery ticket makes you a millionaire.


11.             Practice sensible acts of driving and conscious choices of courtesy.


12.            A driving tip for the day ……..yield the right of way.


13.            “Full speed ahead” is an expression, not a rule of the road.


14.             If you fall asleep behind the wheel, the “road may rise up to meet you.”


15.            Slow and steady may not win the race, but fast and reckless is more likely to get you a ticket.