Mercy Or Judgment


Four years ago there was an election

that could have been a leap in the wrong direction.

A Socialist agenda seemed set to advance,

but God gave America another chance

in allowing Trump to become President.

He’s a man with a backbone like well set cement.

He has fought to keep our nation free;

continuing to walk in liberty.

To the Christian community he’s been a friend,

but many seemed determined to have that end.


I know the next election very well could be

the toppling of our democracy.

As a nation in general, we’ve turned our back on God.

He has every right to bring judgment to our sod.

Yet I’m praying for mercy that we don’t deserve

and that President Trump has 4 more years to serve.


I Voted Today

I voted today, and I hope all of you out there will too.  At our polling place, I counted over 25 cars at the time I went to vote, which was a little after 11 a.m.  This is a lot for an off time and compared to what I usually see when I go to vote.  I have prayed about this election as I’m sure that many of you have done also. I have prayed that righteousness would prevail and that candidates would be elected and measures would be passed that uphold Bible based morals.  I know there is more to an election than that, but this is what is first and foremost in my mind. Whatever happens, I know one thing for sure, the government is still upon His shoulders. (See Isaiah 9:6) My trust is in the Lord.