Quick Recap of My Week

It’s been an incredibly busy week and one in which I have not had time to post anything.  Here is a brief recap of the last few days.


Monday -Eye Spy A Rainbow

I was sitting in the living room helping my son with his math.  When I looked up from the page, I saw a thin, zig zag rainbow line off in the distance and noticed that my vision was a little blurry.  I tried closing my eyes and opening them, and the rainbow line was still there.  Everywhere I looked, there was that rainbow line.  After a few minutes, I told my husband.  We prayed together, and then he called an opthamologist and made me an appointment.  To make a long story short, after a thorough eye exam was done, the doctor felt I had what was called an “occular migraine”.  It only lasted 10 minutes at the most, but it was kind of weird.  I haven’t had an recurrences since that time, and I’m grateful!


Truth Full Tuesday

We had two SFT Bible studies today.  The first one was with a mother and daughter who have been coming to our church for a while.  In the evening, we had a Bible study with the kids.  They’ve been through bits and pieces of SFT when we were teaching other people, but have not been through the whole Bible study.  My husband is doing the teaching, and I am making up 7 review questions for each lesson, so I really have to pay attention.  LOL


Creative Wednesday

In the evening, I went to my first ever Creative Memories party.  Each lady brought pictures so that we could put together 2 scrapbook pages.  I really had a lot of fun.  If I end up getting a digital camera for my birthday(that’s very user friendly and simple to use), I just might get into this!


Trying yet Triumphant Thursday

Thursdays are almost always very busy for me.  On Thursday evenings, we have our midweek adult Bible study and Youth ALIVE at our home.  This makes Thursday my major house cleaning day, so I’m usually pretty tired at the end of the day.  Youth ALIVE started out a little rough.  I sent one of the boys from our neighborhood home, because he was being disruptive and would not stop talking when I was trying to teach.  The bright spot was that Erik was there!  He had not been back to Sunday school or Y.A. since Jr. Camp, so it was really good to see him! I’m praying and believing that he will continue to come and grow with us.


Finally French Bread Friday!

Friday finally came, and I had one of those “domestic urges.”  I planned on making split pea soup in the crock pot, and having homemade French bread with it sounded like a good idea.  Split pea soup + French bread = nice combination = thank you Jesus!

That brings us up to the present.  It’s Saturday, and there is a lot to do, so I must say good bye for now.  May you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend.  🙂

Pilot Paul

pauls-copter-1.jpg           pauls-copter-2.jpg   pauls-copter-3.jpg


This past week, we celebrated Paul’s 12th birthday.  He jokingly tells me that this will be my last year of sanity.(next year he’ll be 13!) We had somewhat of a low key celebration with family and a few neighborhood kids coming by for cake and icecream.  The crowning gift this year was a remote control helicopter.  It’s that little blurp in yellow you can see in the pictures.  Paul has been very interested in flight for a couple of years now.  He’s done a lot of studying on his own, and definitely knows more about flight than I do.  His dream is to be a pilot when he gets older.  For now, he’s getting lots of practice flying the friendly skies of our living room and beyond.