The Biggest Thrill Of All

Friday evening, we returned from our mini vacation to Disneyland. Our family had a wonderful time together seeing the sights, going on rides and eating good food. Walt Disney and all the others who shared ideas for the rides and attractions really have some creativity and imagination. Some of the attractions I enjoyed were……………………….

Splash Mountain – This was a fun, relaxing ride(well okay, until we came to the drop – then I screamed like a banshee)and our last day there, which was also the hottest day, all four of us got totally drenched. It felt really good!

Soaring Over California– This ride made me a little queasy the first time I rode it, but parts of it seemed so realistic. When we flew over the water, I felt the wind blowing on my face, and as we flew over the orange grove, I could smell the oranges. It was pretty cool to feel like you were really flying over different parts of California.

Hollywood Tower of Terror – I didn’t think I would like this ride, but I forced myself not to think about it and just got in line with my family. I never thought a controlled fall could be so much fun. All of us really enjoyed this ride and went on it each day.

There were so many things at Disney that I really enjoyed, but I don’t have enough time or energy to share everything.

As I walked into the sanctuary this morning, and we began to have children’s church, something incredible happened. As a simple lesson was being taught that had to do with having a secret place with God in prayer and a relationship with God that will help us through the trials and troubles of life, I began to feel a wonderful presence of God. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this in church before, but it was just one of those services that made me want to weep and weep over the goodness of God. There are many amazing things to see in this world and things to experience, but none of it can compare to being in and feeling the presence of God.  Disneyland was great, I loved going on a missions trip to Costa Rica, our 25th anniversary trip to Hawaii was wonderful, but if I never get to experience any of these things again, that would be okay. What would not be okay is to never be able to feel the presence of God again and know that I have made myself right with Him. There truly is nothing that can compare to being in His presence, worshipping Him in spirit and in truth and feeling the power of the Holy Ghost! If  I never get to see any other sights that are considered wonderful, I still have the greatest wonder of all, and that is Christ in me! To know God and feel His presence is truly the greatest thrill of all, in this life and in the one to come!!!