It’s A Start!

transmittters rotated

We now have 4 transmitters that we can use for Hispanic people that visit our church and need interpreting for the preaching. This past Sunday, Sis. Maria who will be doing our interpreting was able to use this to interpret the preaching for a lady to whom she has been teaching a Bible study. By this coming Sunday, we should have four more transmitters.

I am excited that God is opening up this door for us into the Hispanic community! It is an answer to many prayers that have been prayed. Gloria a Dios!

Bruisin’ #1


  “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.” Romans 16:20 


This past Sunday night we had a very powerful service. The presence of God among us was so strong. There was also a tongues and interpetation given. The basic gist of the message was that God was telling us that He had heard our prayers and that satan would be bruised under our feet shortly.(just like this verse in Romans says).

A little over a month ago, a young mother began attending our church. Due to some allegations made against her by a relative, her 3 children were taken from her and put into foster care. With this going on, she has still been coming to church, and her, her mom and her dad have been in a home Bible study with my husband and I. This past Monday she had a court date to determine what would happen to her children. I am happy to report that her children are now back at home! Tonight is our weekly Bible study with the mom and her parents. While my husband teaches a Bible study to the adults, I will be teaching these 3 precious children. Thank you, Jesus!!


There you have bruising #1. I am believing God for more bruisings to follow. God has good things in store for His people!

Almond Festival 2011

Each year during the 2nd weekend of September, our city hosts an Almond Festival, which takes place on the grounds of a local elementary school. The couple that heads up our outreach department approached my husband about having a booth this year, and he was all for the idea. While we did sell bottled water, our real aim was to talk to people about the Lord, have Bible tracts available for anyone to take and offer people home Bible studies. We held a drawing on both days for a $50 gift card. Saturday’s gift card was for Black Bear Diner, and Sunday’s was for Bed, Bath and Beyond. In order for people to be eligible for the drawing, we had them fill out a brief survey and give us their name and contact information. These are the questions that were asked on the survey.

1. In your opinion, what would be one of the greatest problems in today’s society?

2. 60% of Americans today do not attend church. Why do you think most Americans do not attend church?

3. If you were looking for a church to attend, what would you look for in a church?

4. Do you have a desire to learn more about the Bible?

5. Have you ever asked yourself this question, “Why did God create us?”

6. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why did God put the tree in the garden and then say don’t eat of it?”

7. Would you be interested in a 40 minute Bible study lesson that would answer the previous 2 questions?

We had a lot of people that came by and took the survey and quite a few said yes to question #7.  I am thankful and excited for these people that are wanting Bible studies! We also had clear cellophane bags we gave out that included a great Bible study on what it means to be born again, along with some other tracts. There is so much power in the Word of God. God’s Word when applied, will change lives, so I’m thrilled that we were able to share some of the Word of God with people. This was really a great outreach opportunity, and I am thankful for all of our church folk that sacrificed both time and money to make our invovlement in the Almond Festival possible. I’m looking forward to seeing what God will do!