Dream Cleaner


Recently, there was a new addition to the Connell family.  I'm not talking about the human kind.  I'm talking about a machine kind………….indeed a marvelous machine.  It is a Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum cleaner. (Sorry that the picture isn't very flattering. It's the best I could do with my cell phone.) My husband was able to get a really good deal on it, and he purchased it on Saturday.  Today was the first day that I was able to really see what it can do, and I was impressed.  I used it upstairs, and it vacuumed so well that it looks like we shampooed our carpets.  For right now, it is the King of vacuum cleaners, but with the way technology is, eventually we'll have even bigger and better vacuum cleaners.  However, when it comes to cleaning up a life, nobody will ever be able to top the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  There is nobody that can clean up a life like Jesus Christ can.  What He does is no dream either.  It's the real thing!