Costa Rica Trip-Day 4

March 24,2006


Today was the farthest that we would travel to be in church.  We took a 2 hour trip over to the other side of the mountains into “the boonies” of
Costa Rica to a village called Quebrada Ganado.  On the way there, we stopped at a spot where we saw some crocodiles that were just waiting for us to take their picture.  We must have been quite a sight all dressed up for church and walking across a bridge to get a glimpse of these wide- mouthed creature.  It is definitely hotter on the other side of the mountain. (By the way, the churches here do not have air conditioning.) The pastor of this church is Ulises Porras.  He is the only pastor who spoke slowly, so I could understand a lot of what he was saying.  Brother Allard preached a power packed evangelistic message about being born again.  I was praying with a woman, and after a while she turned to me, pointed to her arm and said something in Spanish.  I had no idea what she was saying, but I found out later that God had healed her arm!  In addition, there was one person that received the Holy Ghost.  Hallelujah!

On the way back to
San Jose, we stopped at a nearby restaurant that was very much out in the country.  Poor Sister Teel was constantly looking upward because there were some geckos crawling around on the ceiling above our heads.  It was a great blessing that they stayed attached to the ceiling while we dined!


9were off to see the crocodiles.jpg


All dressed up and ready to see the crocs.


One a croc two a croc


When was the last time you saw a crocodile on the way to church?


outside church


Outside the primitive church of Quebrada Ganado.


Bro. Allard preaching


Rev. Ed Allard preaching while Missionary Schwarz interprets.