I’d like to announce that later this month, my daugther will be facing incarceration, and she is absolutely thrilled at the prospect of it!  I’m talking of course, about “dental incarceration.” (I borrowed the term from Linda aka Lou)To put it in plain English, Jennifer is getting braces.  She had a consultation today with a very nice orthodontist, who joy of all joys, gave us a plan that was at least 40% cheaper than the high end orthodontist we visited a year and a half ago.  I remember as a teenager how thrilled I was when I received my “tin grin.”  I had a very bad overbite and was teased about my teeth all through grade school.  (You can get out a Kleenex and weep if you want to, but self-pity never did me any good.) Braces were a real boost to my self-image, which at that time in my life was very important.  Anyhow, I’m glad we’re able to do this now for Jen. It’s a blessing from God for us to be able to put our money where her mouth is.  🙂