What Many Throw Away

Many consider it worthless as dross,
something that into the trash you should toss.
Let’s take a look from another perspective
and see wherein lies useful beauty, effective.
It can make great bedding for your pet.
Economically, it is your best bet.
When the kids are bored on a rainy day,
you can use it to whip up some papier-mâché.
To soak up those spills that are accidental
you’ll find it to be very instrumental.
Employ it to make stuffed animals, soft toys
that will be a delight to young girls and boys.
To bring some warmth to a crusty, old codger,
pack it in a tube sock to make a draft dodger.
Save it by colors, and tear it apart
to create truly stunning works of art.
Make a new Fuzzy Wuzzy just because
you can fill him with this cost effective fuzz.
In case you’ve not guessed from each given hint,
I speak of the charm of dryer lint.
Before I end my utterance, just let me say
we can also apply this in a spiritual way.
Oddballs, losers, misfits that many would cast aside
are still precious souls for whom Jesus died.
If they will surrender themselves to the Master
He’ll make beauty out of what would have been a disaster.
My life changed by one touch of God’s fingerprint,
and I’m happy to be counted among the Lord’s lint!


dryer lintdryer lint


yarn from dryer lint

yarn made with dryer lint

dryer lint 2   dryer lint art 1

art work made with dryer lint

Diving For Treasure

diving for treasure 1

Diving for treasure 2

We started a new quarter in our children’s church this past Sunday, and the theme is Diving For Treasure. A lot of hard work went into making the decorations, and it came out looking very nice. I’m excited about this new quarter and the treasures in God’s Word that our kids will be exploring. I want to see every single one of them strike it rich!

The Lord’s Lint

Who would have ever thought that something useful could be made with dryer lint? Most of the time, I just throw my dryer lint away, as I’m sure most people do. However, I found out a few months ago that there are lots of uses for dryer lint. The concoction that I made in the last post was a dryer lint clay which is somewhat similar to papier mache. I used it to do a craft with one of my clients.(I work with autistic children.) We took the clay and pressed it on an empty water bottle. Then we pressed colored paper, ribbon, crayon shavings and sparkles into the clay to decorate it. When it dries, it will be a funky flower vase. I meant to take a picture of it, but in my haste to accomplish other things in our session, I forgot.

Here are some other things that can be done with dryer lint.

– Use dryer lint for packing material in boxes.

– It can be reformed into cloth. You can spin it much like wool into thread and then use that thread for weaving, or you could crochet or knit it into a scarf, blanket, etc.

– You can place some dryer lint out on your lawn and watch the birds come and gather this nest building material.

– Stuff your old tube sock with dryer lint to create draft stoppers for your doors.

-Put dryer lint in your kindling box. It is great for starting fires.

-Dryer lint can be used to protect your plants from cold. Put it around the base of your less hardy plants to keep them warm.

-It can be used in making different crafts.

The following piece of art work was made by Bryn Starr Best of Vista, Ca. using dryer lint.

It’s amazing that useful and even beautiful things can be formed from something that most people throw away. Sin has a way of really messing up people, sometimes so much to the point where they or perhaps others around them feel there is nothing good that can come out of their lives. It’s satan’s desire to see human lives messed up and thrown away, but God sees things differently. We can come to God in repentance over our sinful condition not having much to offer, but God sees our potential, and He can make something useful and beautiful out of the life that is surrendered to Him. I’m glad to be counted among the Lord’s lint!

New Children’s Church Quarter

This past Saturday, the Kid’s Church staff got together and decorated for a new quarter. In our present facility, we do not have classrooms, so we do Kid’s Church in the sanctuary. This presents a challenge when it comes to decorating, because we have family worship service after Kid’s Church. We need decorations that are portable. Our Children’s Church Coordinator, Sister Eva Kolej, put a plan in action to make this happen. Here are some pics of our new decorations. 

Spectacular Sunday School Decor

Some minister’s wives that are friends of mine recently shared some photos of Sunday school classrooms at their churches. I was so impressed with these and asked if they wouldn’t mind if I posted them. Obviously  a lot of time and effort went into this, and if I were a kid in one of these classes, I’d feel very special.

Be submerged in Jesus’ name. I love it!

Are you ready for the Rapture?

The Word of God mixed with our faith in it will definitely change us to be more like Jesus!

God’s lab room.

The Cave Room

This is my favorite. What a unique way to present the books of the Bible! What decor do you like best?

How We’re Getting Our Fill Of Sugar For The Holidays


This is a picture of a gingerbread train that we decorated with our homeschool group. Each family decorated either a train or a gingerbread tree.  I must confess to consuming 2 of the boxcars. (not all in one sitting, fortunately) They were yummy!


Here’s another train that another family made. You can get quite creative when you have a wide variety of candy to work with as we did.


I made some Peanut Blossoms this week too. Our family really enjoys this cookie.  I lost count of how many I ate.


This tray of cookies is going to church tomorrow so that the kids can have their quota of sugar after the children’s Christmas program.


This tray will go to church too.


We have to have some sweet bread for the holidays too.  Of course, all of this stuff was sampled to make sure it was okay.  Did I mention that I like sugar?

Festive Fare

Once again, the ladies of our church got together to make wreath centerpieces for the tables at our Christmas banquet.  We had a good time arranging branches, wrapping wire, picking out decorations to put on the wreaths and occasionally(mostly me)burning ourselves with hot glue guns.  Many thanks to Eva for letting us use her house for this somewhat messy but fun event.  Here are the finished products. (Click on pics for bigger image.)

img_0371.jpg     img_0372.jpg    img_0373.jpg    img_0374.jpg    img_0375.jpg

img_0377.jpg    img_0378.jpg    img_0379.jpg    img_0380.jpg

Wreathed in smiles




These are some of the centerpieces that Eva , Brenda and I made to put on the tables at our Christmas banquet this Saturday.  We will have a glass globe in the center of each wreath with a candle inside it.  I’m not a very crafty person, and I had never made anything like this before.  I breathed a silent prayer before I started and asked God to please help me.  You know what?  He helped all of us, because all of the wreaths turned out beautiful, and we were pleased with our finished products!  I can hardly wait to see the hall decked(the banquet hall, that is)on Saturday.