Why Didn’t They Tell Me……….

when I took my daughter home from the hospital after her birth, that the day would come when she would be able to drive a car without having me in it? Come to think of it, they never even gave me an instruction manual upon our departure. Alas, the day has come, and Jen is driving for the first time by herself. She drove to a youth service tonight about 20 minutes away. I did real good. I waited about 15 minutes until after she should have been there……………………………………..and then I called. Her response? “Oh, mom.” I guaranteed that I wasn’t going to call her every time she goes out in the car, but cut me some slack. This was her first time. I realize though that this child who is really on loan to me from God is in His hands, and I simply must rely on Him to watch over her. God wants me to trust Him with this area of my life too, so……………………………………….I will. 🙂

Special Note : For all you who love Jamba Juice, go to this link, put in your name, e-mail address and zip code and you’ll get a coupon, good through July 30th for a buy one get one free smoothie. There, you can’t say that I didn’t tell you.



9 thoughts on “Why Didn’t They Tell Me……….

  1. Aww! Yeah she has to cut you some slack, that being her first time alone in the car without you!

    Good for you, for waiting until she got there and not calling her on the road! 🙂 And thanks for the Jamba Juice. I’m passing it on to my sis!

    Hi Jayleigh. Even if I called her on the road, she can’t answer. It’s a law for minors here that you can’t talk on a cell phone while driving , even if it’s hands free. The only exception is an emergency situation. When I tried to post the link to the Jamba Juice thing, it wasn’t working, so I took it off, but I may try to put it back on.

  2. Sis. Connell – I cannot believe Jen is driving! Your baby girl is all grown up now. You have done a fine job with her because she is one special young lady!

    Yes, I agree that she is a special young lady, but I can’t take the credit. So many times I have felt like I have fumbled and floundered as a parent, but God has been my help, and I’m thankful that Jen has been blessed with a wonderful dad. My husband is strong in areas where I’m weak, and of course, I know that comes from God too. Enjoy your years with your darling boys, because they will go by fast!

  3. You are soooo blessed to have cell phones today. When my kids were being turned lose they were totally on their own with no cell phones as a back up for me to use to get a hold of them on. That first time alone is the hardest.
    But it sure is good to kn0w that the Lord is with them.

  4. Oh I remember those days. I remember that I had an errand runner for at least a couple of months after they each got their license – but then it happened, independence came, and I was left wounded inside my castle. The errand warriors had taken on new roles as Mr. Cools and Miss Awesomes and I had to start driving myself to the store. Seriously, there is such joy (and fright) in seeing your children take on the world via a vehicle.

  5. I’ve survived one daughter driving for the first time without me (now she drives EVERYWHERE) and in September I will be doing it again with daughter #2. I’m sure I will be a nervous wreck all over again.

  6. Oh why, oh why don’t they hand out that hand-book when you bring your baby home from the hospital? 🙂
    My two are 26 and 24, so I know they can survive but it is frustrating in the process of letting them go out on their own. 🙂

  7. I can remember when Jeremy first got his license, and the worry and concern I too felt when he was driving places by himself or with friends. I think it’s a little harder with girls though as they are the weaker vessels. But it will get better. And yes, we have to leave them in God’s hands, especially when they leave the nest and start out on their own. Love you!

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