A Time To Rejoice

The woman's name was Joan.  She was a member of our homeschool support group, but I did not remember meeting her.(although I found out later that I did meet her at last year's Christmas party)The e-mail had come from our group leader telling us that Joan's husband was very sick, in intensive care, and things weren't looking too good for him.  She was asking for those of us who believe in prayer to pray.  I e-mailed back that I would pray and have our church pray as well.  Since my husband is a minister, I also mentioned that if Joan would want someone to come and pray, that my husband and I would be willing to come.  Over the next few weeks, I received several e-mails from Joan, letting me and others know what was going on with her husband.  Things went from looking very bleak to getting better and better.  Finally, the day came(about 2 weeks ago)that Joan's husband Norm was released from the hospital.  I hadn't really thought about it very much until today.  Our homeschool support group put on a graduation ceremony for all the kids at a nearby church facility.  At the close of graduation, a woman came up to me and introduced herself.  It was Joan!  We got to meet her husband Norm too, who looked like he was doing very well.  She thanked my husband and I many times for praying.(to the point of being teary-eyed) I know there were others that prayed too, and I want to give God all the glory, because He is the one who answers prayer! I know there is a time and season for everything, and it was just so nice to have this graduation ceremony end with a little extra rejoicing.  :-)