Ice Cream Social(ism)

Many do not recognize what it is,

a carefully planned, deceptive cataclysm 

coming to our country in many flavors

this American ice cream social(ism).

Featured flavor for today is

Stalin strawberry swirl

as it twirls on your tongue

capitalistic tendencies you will hurl.

CNN sweet and salty cinnamon

another pop flavor on the shelf,

carefully ingest it’s contents

to forget how to think for yourself.


is another a la mode selection

consumption of this cold confection

induces blindness to fraud’s deception.

Just one mouthwatering spoonful

of the critical raspberry race

will convince you white folks are the obstacle

the source of all problems you face.

The Fauci fib fantasy fudge

so unlike anything you have seen

all of those who partake of it

run right out and get a vaccine.

Yes, the flavors at the ice cream social(ism)

are varied and immense

where each bite leads closer to tyranny

and the death of common sense.


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