The Unseen Mill

gristmill 2

There is a special gristmill, not seen by human eye.
The thing that’s ground within it is not grain.
Many would escape its clutches, and here’s the reason why.
It can be a source of suffering and pain.
When heartache comes our way or great affliction,
woes, losses or perhaps a body  ill,
it may for us, just be a crucifixion
of our selfish, stubborn, defiant human will.
If we, to this character crushing can submit,
allow the thing that God is bringing to pass,
when the process is done, it’s then that we’ll be fit
our life can feed one, two, three, perhaps a mass.
So when circumstances of life seem to pound you down,
you feel that you have had more than your fill,
an abundant ending will surely come around
if you’ll let God do the work on that unseen mill.

2 thoughts on “The Unseen Mill

  1. This nice poem really touched me and seems apt for my present circumstances. God spoke to me through this poem. Thank you Carol.

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