Saved From What I Might Have Been

37 years ago on this day, God changed the direction of my life as I repented of my sins, was baptized in Jesus’ name and gloriously filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for that day that I had a life changing encounter with the living God, and His mercy rewrote my life! If you want to read my story, you’re welcome to click on the “my testimony” page on the side bar. I shudder when I consider the direction my life could have taken, had it not been for the Lord’s intervention.

This old chorus expresses how I feel today.


I might have been a drifter

tossed upon life’s sea

I might have been forsaken

lost eternally

I might have been an outcast

but in love, You took me in

I thank you Lord for saving me

from what I might have been.




4 thoughts on “Saved From What I Might Have Been

  1. We almost share a Holy Ghost birthday! My 42nd is tomorrow. I remember as a child hearing older saints (they were ancient in my mind, but they were probably in their 50s!) saying, “I’ve been living for the Lord for 40 years and it just gets better and better.” They were so right!

    1. Hi Sis. McElhaney! I remember hearing testimonies like that as a teenage new convert and thinking, “I hope I live long enough to have a testimony like that someday.” Happy Salvation Anniversary to you too! Thanks for stopping by.😊

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