Stirring In The Stable-Part Two


Chava raised her head toward the sky and bellowed, “Who is up there on the roof? Please identify your self immediately.”

“Othniel Owl”, spoke the bird in a most dignified manner, “here at your service. I have followed this couple for the past five hours. There is something about them that intrigues me. Do you know that feeling we animals get before an earthquake happens?”

“Certainly!” answered Chava with Adonijah snorting in agreement.

“It’s a premonition that God gives us to let us know of approaching disaster. Well, I had that same feeling when I saw this couple, only it’s not a foreboding feeling but a sense that something wonderful and miraculous is going to happen. I don’t understand it all together, but I am waiting and watching to see what will come to pass.”

Chava laughed a somewhat scornful laugh. “Is Othniel Owl among the prophets? What miraculous event could possibly take place in this old, dilapidated barn?”

Othniel, unruffled by her incredulity calmly answered, “I don’t know, but we shall wait and see what comes to pass.”

This is exactly what they did for the next hour. The woman continued her cycle of moaning, rolling on the hay that was underneath her, mumbling prayers and asking for Yosef(the name that the animals heard her use)to put the crude, wet cloth on her forehead. Yosef continued to speak words of comfort and reassurance to his “beloved Mary” (as he called her).
Chava mooed and yawned. She was getting a little bored with the sameness that had been going on for about an hour.

“When is she going to give birth? When is this so called wonderful miracle, whatever it is going to be, supposed to happen? I’m getting tired of just standing here, listening to you, Othniel, give play by play over and over again of the same thing.”

Othniel, being a bird of great wisdom and infinite patience answered, “It won’t be long now. The baby will be born soon.”

Approximately five minutes later, Adonijah, Chava and Othniel heard exclamations of praise and laughter coming from Mary and Yosef and then the unmistakable cry of a newborn baby.

Suddenly Othniel began to flap his wings excitedly and hover over the barn roof. He landed, took off again, then landed in obvious excitement.  With a voice quavering with giddy enthusiasm , he exclaimed, “I understand now! I know HOO this baby is!”

end of part 2
– to be continued


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