Stirring In The Stable Part 1


Adonijah was asleep in his usual standing position, but he was having a dream. It was a strange dream involving mostly sounds. He was in the barn, but he was hearing odd noises. A woman was moaning intermittently and asking God to help her. The pain she was experiencing must have been great, for he could hear labored breathing as well.  The voice of a man was heard also occasionally, speaking softly and calmly in words of comfort and reassurance.

He was awakened from his dream by the voice of Chava in the next stall. “Adonijah, wake up! Something most extraordinary is going on here.”

The donkey shook himself and turned toward the stall where his neighbor dwelt. “Huh, what? You just woke me up from a bizarre dream I was having about some humans.”

“Adonijah,” answered the cow, “There are humans in the barn right now! It’s a man and a woman. I saw the innkeeper bring them in a couple of hours ago. It’s a husband and wife, and the husband said something about his wife would be having a baby very soon. The innkeeper was apologizing to them, telling them there were no rooms left but they could spend the night in Tikvah’s(may she rest in peace) stall.”

Tikvah was an old sheep that had died a week ago.

Adonijah snorted. “Well, that explains the dream I was having. I heard a woman moaning and groaning and a man speaking words of comfort to her. It makes sense now, but what an awful place to have a child. Has Tikvah’s stall even been cleaned since she uh……?”

“How should I know!” answered Chava. (At this point, Adonijah was wondering how she could NOT know for the chatty cow was a terrible gossip that made it her business to try and know everybody’s business.) “Anyhow, it sounds like this young lady is having a rough time of it. Oh, I wish I wasn’t in this stall. I would so love to see and not just hear what is happening with these 2 humans.”

Just then Adonijah and Chava heard a fluttering of wings overhead as something landed on top of the barn’s weathered roof.  A voice spoke out of the darkness, saying, “I know someone who can tell you everything that is going on here.”

to be continued……..


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