Confession And Prayer Of One Derelict In Duty

woman interceding 

Lord, I come before you with confession.

My prayers of late have been a little cold.

They ‘re sounding  like a jumbled mumbling session,

not pleas of interceding saints of old.


Often, do I ask for daily bread,

help to face the pressures of this life,

neglecting in strong wrestling to be lead

for those who still are lost in sin and strife.


So let my heart be broken once again

with the weighty things that break the heart of God

the perishing, precious souls of unredeemed men

who upon this earth do everywhere  trod.


Your loving burden, pour into my spirit

as Your blessed face I humbly seek.

Anoint me, that your word I’ll take and share it.

With boldness, may I go and stand and speak.




“Go, stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of this life.” Acts 5:20

2 thoughts on “Confession And Prayer Of One Derelict In Duty

  1. And so I am watching quietly every day.
    Whenever the sun shines brightly I rise and say
    “Surely it is the shining of his face”
    And I look into the gates of his high place beyond the sea,
    For I know He is coming shortly to summon me.
    And when a shadow falls across the window of my room,
    Where I am working my appointed task,
    I lift my head to watch the door and ask,
    If He is come,
    And the angel answers sweetly in my home-
    Only a few more shadows, and He will come.

    So it was that one day in 1938 the Lord took Robert Wilder home.

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