Press On, Friend


It seemed the appointed time that God did pick,
but deferred hope once again makes your heart sick.
Deep inside you’re longing for an answer
for delays that eat away at you like cancer.
Decisions were made with seemingly no reason or rhyme,
and you feel that you’re running out of precious time.
You dared to hope for intervention monumental
but obtained a small victory, incremental.
Though you haven’t seen what you wanted to yet,
our God is faithful not to forget
each time that you’ve lifted your voice in prayer,
coupled with the petitions of others who care.
In spite of the pain, friend, press on, keep believing.
The promise God gave, you will be receiving.



“Why art thou cast down,  O my soul?  and why art thou disquieted  in me? hope  thou in God:  for I shall yet praise  him for the help  of his countenance.” Psalm 42:5

“For in thee, O LORD,  do I hope:  thou wilt hear,  O Lord my God.”  Psalm 38:15


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