Friday Floody

It’s Friday, and it has been windy and very rainy on and off this week. Since I have nothing profound to say(Actually, do I ever have something profound to say?)and in honor of our flood like conditions here, I will share a little poem I wrote for fun a few months ago. I’m sure our rainstorms here are nothing compared to what Noah must have seen.


Mini Monoverse Story of Noah’s Ark


World’s dark

Noah hark

To embark

Build an ark



Some in shock

Others mock

Creatures flock

Door did lock

Floating stock.


Gopher wood


It was good

Flood withstood

As it should.


Judgment vast

Boat held fast

Rains forecast


Cease at last.


What a trip

Quick as zip

Depart ship

No more drip

Yeah, hip hip!






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