Holy Ghost Red Eye

      Last Thursday night at the close of a powerful altar service at On Course Youth Convention, I spotted a young minister’s wife that I know. After greeting each other with a hug, she very excitedly told me that her 7 year old son had just received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. She expressed great joy that all 3 of her children now had been filled with the Spirit. After our brief exchange, her husband and children huddled together as a friend stood by to take their photo.   They all had happy smiles, but I couldn’t help noticing that all of them had red eyes. Now normally, red eye is something we don’t like to see in photos. I don’t know much about photography, so I’m not even sure why it happens. Somehow the lighting is off is what I would guess. However, this photo was different. This family had Holy Ghost red eye; a phenomenon that occurs when you have cried and prayed your guts out in an altar service.  No need for touch ups on that portrait. The shed tears that have reddened those eyes have a beautiful story to tell.


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