More Than Names

Last Tuesday was our monthly ladies prayer meeting where we meet together to pray for our children. I was writing on a marker board the names of new children and young people that have been with us the past month, so we could remember them in our prayers. To my amazement, there were close to 20 names written down! God has been bringing a lot of children and young people through our doors, and I am excited about the potential of seeing these young souls taught the truths of God’s Holy Word and added to the church. Each of their names represent a soul that is so valuable and precious in the eyes of God; a soul that He wants to see make it to Heaven! I’m looking forward to seeing what Jesus is going to do in the lives of these kiddos that He has brought our way.

Hector, Moshe, Delilah
Shamus and Natalie,
these of course, are names,
but so much more, you see.
Taryon, Charlie, Rikki,
Jenna, Allana,Cherelle;
this growing list of monikers
has a story to tell.
All of these are children
who have sat upon our pews.
Their ears have heard the Word of God;
the gospel, God’s good news.

Our prayer, that they repent of sin,
be filled to the uttermost
with the most awesome gift of all:
the precious Holy Ghost!

We pray that they will be set free
from all guilt and shame
as they obey the Word of God
and are baptized in Jesus’ name.

That then they’ll walk in holiness;
grow in God’s love and grace,
until one day in Heaven
they’ll see Him face to face!


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