Write At Home

Sin it crouches

Sin it pounces

Pounces on me

Pounces on you

You try to run

You try to hide

Hide the shame

Hide the truth

Truth that hurts

Truth that wounds

Wounds that fester in the heart

Wounds that tear a life apart

Apart from God

Apart from mercy

Mercy can refuse

Mercy also beckons

Beckons softly

Beckons tenderly

Tenderly His voice

Tenderly it calls

Calls for repentance

Calls me to an altar

Altar of humility

Altar of confession

Confession brings release

Confession brings peace

Peace floods my soul

Peace like a river

River that flows

River of life

Life that’s worth living

Life meant for giving

Giving of self

Giving in service

Service to others

Service to God

God of love

God of hope

Hope for tomorrow

Hope in my sorrow

Sorrow that comes

Sorrow that goes

Goes in God’s time

Goes in God’s season

Season of revival

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