Tell Me……………..

What is one thing you appreciate about your mother?

Here is mine.

I am grateful that I have a mother who prays for me daily. Her prayers have had a huge impact on my life.

Your turn!


2 thoughts on “Tell Me……………..

  1. Since we share the same mommy, I would echo your sentiments. But not too be redundant, I would also have to say I’m thankful for , Mom’s good advice she gave, whether we asked for it or not! I would daresay it has probably saved my life and kept me from much trouble. Because of Mom’s advice, I’ve never smoked or did drugs. I look both ways before crossing streets. I try not to gossip or slander anyone. She taught me the Golden Rule. There are so many good pieces of advice Mom imparted to me. The main one was, ” The family that prays
    together stays together. ” Because of Mom or family stayed close. She is the glue that knit us together on love.

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