National Poetry Month (oops almost a month late!)

Since April is national poetry month, and I like reading and writing poetry, I thought I would post some of my favorites over the next month. This first poem is one that I had my children memorize when they were young. I made up a tune to it and sang it over and over again until they were able to say it. I needed the message of this poem today, because of some frustrating things that happened. As I was in the middle of making this post, I had to stop and help my husband clean up a large amount of water that flooded out of the dishwasher. I’m still smiling. 🙂


Try Smiling

When the weather suits you not, Try
When your coffee isn’t hot, Try smiling.
When your neighbors
don’t do right,
Or your relatives all fight,
Sure ’tis hared, but then
you might Try smiling.

Doesn’t change the things, of course- Just
But it cannot make them worse- Just smiling.
And it seems to help
your case,
Brightens up a gloomy place,
Then, it sort o’ rests your face-
Just smiling.

Author unknown

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