Incremental Victories

A couple of years ago, I was priviliged to hear a great man of God preach a message entitled Incremental Victories. At the time, this really ministered to me and helped me a great deal. The Lord has brought it back to my mind a time or two since then. The basic gist of the message was to keep our focus on the progress God has given us, even if it seems like only a little bit. I can remind myself that I may not be everything I want to be in God, but thank God, I’m not what I used to be! We may not have baptized 10 people this month, but thank God for the one we did baptize! Etc. etc. The enemy of our souls would like to discourage us and make us feel like failures, because we may not see BIG results, but we need to thank God for every bit of ground that we do gain in Him.

I have endeavored to apply this to myself not only in my Christian walk but in my work experience as well. Many already know that I work with autistic children. This week I celebrated my 3rd year anniversary at my present job. Oftentimes, seeing progress in my clients can be slow, but I have learned to appreciate and celebrate every little victory that I see them attain. Victories for these kids can be things that we are used to taking for granted, such as the ability to respond to a question, saying a new word, being able to take turns appropriately, asking for something you want or need without having a tantrum, etc. Today I worked with a little tyke who counted to 10 without any prompting from me. That was a victory that was exciting for both his parents and I!

I just feel thankful in my spirit tonight for incremental victories in my personal life, for incremental victories in my family and for incremental victories I am witnessing in the lives of people at church. God is good, and I don’t want to fail to give Him glory for things both great and small!

4 thoughts on “Incremental Victories

  1. I, too, am a pastors wife and homeschooling mom so I’m glad I came across your blog! I appreciate your thoughts about enjoying little victories. A timely and comforting reminder. Many blessings to you and your family! (I loved seeing your daughter comment above…precious.)

    1. Hi Sheree. It’s always good to meet other homeschooling moms and pastor’s wives too. I have been out of the loop for a while but will be visiting your blog soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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