Tommy, I Miss You

Dear Tom,

You passed from this life on October 22, 2011. I can’t help but remember that today would have been your 51st birthday. It’s been almost 6 months since you left this earth, but I still think of you a lot and miss you. I am thankful that you were a part of my life. You were not only a great brother, but you became a wonderful friend to me during the last year and half of your life. I sure am thankful too that I was on that 14 page prayer list of yours that we found out about after your death. There is probably no telling how many times I was uplifted, encouraged or kept from danger because of your prayers.

I am sad on one hand, because I miss being able to talk to you and share times together, but I rejoice also, because I know you were ready to meet the Lord, and you are now in His loving hands! One day, we will be reunited with you in the presence of the Lord, and what a glorious time that will be!!! Looking forward to seeing you again in God’s time.

Your loving sister,


2 thoughts on “Tommy, I Miss You

  1. Oops! My last comment posted before I finished. Then we took him to Martinez to see the home of John Muir. I passed onto him the Big 50 hat, and we had In and Out burgers for dinner. It was a nice time. I need to make copies of his prayer list and give to all the siblings. What an inspiration he was. Sometimes when I pray, I ask the Lord to give my love to Tommy. Heaven is all the more sweeter with him on the welcoming committee.

    1. Hey Keek. It looks like I didn’t get the first half of your comment. I sure wish I would have been with him on his last birthday, but I know I cannot change the past. Heaven will be all the more sweeter with Tom waiting there to greet us. I can’t help but think of him whenever we sing Everybody Will Be Happy Over There. “Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers will be singing ’round the throne….” It will indeed
      be a happy day!
      Love ya.

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