My Favorite Prayer Poem

There’s a holy, high vocation needing workers everywhere,

tis the highest form of service, tis the ministry of prayer,

there’s no weapon half as mighty as the intercessors bear

nor a broader field of service than the ministry of prayer.

Author unknown



6 thoughts on “My Favorite Prayer Poem

  1. Prayer has become another cross for christians these days, needless to carry. Prayer is the most misunderstood word and misused practice amongst evengelical christians. Jesus never said “Pray for each other” but He said, “Love one another.” The right prayer is the one done in solitude, unseen by others and unknown by others and unproclaimed to others. Very few people do it in this world these days.

    1. Hello Jay. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. While I agree that we do need to have our private times in prayer, I don’t agree that prayer is a needless cross for Christians to carry. We may not have recorded words of Jesus saying “pray for each other” but we certainly have many examples in the Bible of Him praying for people. In the book of James chapter 5, verse 16 we do have an admonishment to pray for one another. Jesus prayed for his disciples in John 17 and for those that would believe on Him through the words of the disciples. I believe part of loving one another is praying for each other. Whether we are saved or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, we all stand in need of prayer. I’ll take all the prayer I can get, and I hope to offer up more of it on behalf of others in 2012.

      1. Hi there,

        My reply is not made with the intention to denigrate the action of prayer or to say it is insignificant but I have been across events and meetings where all kinds of wrong prayers are made and encouraged. Someone had said, who lived in the last century, “We now have faith in ‘faith’ and not faith in the person Jesus.” It was well said. I hope you understand what he actually meant by his saying. I see today people have faith in ‘prayer’ and not have faith in the person ‘Jesus.’ It is a very, very lamentable situation. Prayer should not the kind of the golden calf that redeemed Israelites made and said “This saved us from Egypt.” Even there is a book written by a christian with title “How not to pray.” The kind of significance and importance prayer gets these days is improper, in my personal opinion.

  2. Dropping by to wish you the best year you have ever had. Hope all is well with you and yours. Love you so much.


    Sis. Buxton, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful 2012 as well. I love you and Bro. Buxton too!

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