I Love This Poem!

My husband recently posted this poem on our bulletin board at church.  I am so thankful for the preachers I know who are not afraid to declare what the Word of God says!


From out of the millions on the earth
God often calls a man
To Preach the word and for the truth
To take a royal stand.

‘Tis sad to see him shun the cross,
Nor stand in its defense
Between the fields of right and wrong:
A preacher on the fence

Before him are the souls of men
Bound for Heaven or Hell;
An open Bible in his hand,
And yet he will not tell

All the truth thats written there,
it haveth an offense
The joys of heaven, the horrors of hell
A preacher on the fence

Now surely God has called the man
To battle for the right.
‘Tis his to ferret out of the wrong
and turn on us the light.

And yet he dare not tell the truth,
He fears the consequence,
The most disgusting thing on earth
A preacher on the fence.

If he should stand up for the wrong,
The right he’d not defend;
If he should stand up for the right,
the wrong he would offend.

His mouth is closed, he cannot speak
For freedom or against.
Oh Great God deliver us from
A preacher on the fence

But soon both sides will find him out
And brand him as a fraud,
A coward who dares not to please
The devil or his God.

Oh God free us from fear of man,
From cowardly preference;
cleanse out the dross and fear of loss,
and keep us off the fence.

Author unknown


4 thoughts on “I Love This Poem!

  1. Love the poem!!!

    Hi Angie. Glad you enjoyed the poem. It is definitely a keeper. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂

  2. I really like this poem, SIS. it makes me think of that scripture that says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways . God help the Preacher and help us to take a stand when it comes to the truth in His word. Thanks for posting this. Love you

    Hi Keek. I was thinking last night too after I posted this that it’s not just the preachers responsibility to speak the truth in love, but it is ours responsibility to stand for it too. Thanks for bringing this out in your comment. Love you too!.

  3. This is so good. It made me very thankful that I have had 3 pastors in my life and none of them ever stood on the fence.

    Amen! I am thankful for the good pastors I have had in my life as well.

  4. Great truth in that poem and a warning too! We must speak the truth and not be afraid of what man can do to us! I truly believe time is short and things are going to change very quickly! We must stay true to the Word and endure to the end!

    Amen, Pam. May God give us the strength and courage to remain true to Him.

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