Following In My Daughter’s Footsteps

I had to run to Target earlier to buy some dog food, and I purposed that while I was there, I would give an invitation to the cashier who would ring up my purchase. I used to do this on a more regular basis and got out of the habit, but God is dealing with me about this, and I know I need to reach out and invite more people to the house of God. The pretty young cashier was handing me back my change, and at the same time, I handed her a church flyer and told her it was an invitation to come and visit us. She looked at the flyer a second, and then asked, “Is this in Oakley?”  “Yes, it is.” I replied. Then she told me that someone had been in the store earlier and had also given her an invitation to our church. She looked at me and said, “This must be a sign.” I agreed that yes it was and that she really should come and visit us. I wanted to talk to her more, but there were other people in line, so I left.  I remember that my daughter had been in Target earlier to get a bridal shower gift, and even before I asked her, I knew she was the one that first invited this girl. I texted her to confirm it, and sure enough, she had invited her. God moves in mysterious ways. Maybe He allowed me to invite her too in order to cause her to think more seriously about coming.

I am praying that she will come, and that God will bring others who have been invited or offered a home Bible study. There’s no business like soul business! 🙂


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