We have experienced a lot of rain recently in the area of California where I live. I must confess that I’m getting kind of tired of it, and as I was looking out the sliding glass door in our bedroom, this limerick came to mind, which I entitled Afterward.



It’s easy to gripe and complain

when it seems there’s abundance of rain

but superfluous showers

give way to sweet flowers

and loveliest hues of terrain.

When it seems like it has been raining for a long time, I enjoy when it stops, and I appreciate the after effects.

_ the clean look of the outdoors around me

-droplets of water that look like artwork on plants

-the fact that the sun is out again

– I can be outside doing things

There is an application to this spiritually, but I’m not going to write about that here. Do you see how this can relate to somebody’s walk with God? Do you know what Bible verse came to my mind and gave me the idea for this title? I would be interested in hearing from……………………………………………


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