The Road To A Dream

Another great message I heard at On Course was preached by Brother Tim Lackey and dealt with the dreams God has for us. Here are a few things from my notes and memory.

Dreams. God has dreams and plans that He can put in our hearts, but will they come to pass? It really is up to us.

God gave Joseph some dreams in the book of Genesis. He had a plan for Joseph’s life, but before Joseph’s dream could be realized, he had to overcome some things.

-bitterness toward his brothers selling him into slavery

-temptation to commit adultery with Potiphar’s wife

-bitterness toward God for allowing him to be thrown into prison for not giving in to the temptation

Before Joseph’s dream came to pass(which was over 20 years from the time he first had the dream) he went through some times where he was isolated, lonely and seemingly forgotten. We may experience periods like this too, before God brings our dreams to pass, but it’s in times like these that God builds character into us.

We need to beware of the dream killers. Bitterness, rebellion, fornication, adultery and laziness are things that can kill our dreams, but the biggest dream killer is not realizing that every day matters.

If we are to see the dreams God has for us come to pass, we need to dedicate ourselves to Him each and every day. We need to spend time in prayer and devotion every day. Our daily consecration is what will keep us when the hard times come.

The Daily Solution


Every day does matter when it comes to a dream

All our choices do count in God’s grand scheme

Though it seems a steep climb up a long, tall ladder

When it comes to a dream, every day does matter.

Let thy soul take heed of the many dream killers

Like laziness, bitterness or fleshly thrillers

To conquer these things, there is a great need

Of the many dream killers, let thy soul take heed.

Our daily consecration, this is the solution

To keep godly dreams alive, crush ungodly pollution

Stay devoted to God and His great salvation

This is the solution, our daily consecration.



One thought on “The Road To A Dream

  1. Hi Carol,
    I am trying to jump back into blogging after a year haitus. I like to look and layout of your blog. This poem is very thought provoking! This line particulary spoke to me today: “To keep godly dreams alive, crush ungodly pollution”.
    God Bless!
    Hi Scotti. It is good to hear from you again! Glad you like the new blog look and the poem. I wish I could figure out how to put a break in between the stanzas. There is supposed to be a break after every 4th line, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Anyhow, I will have to come by and check out your blog again. I have missed your poetry, and you were the one who really inspired me to get back into writing. 🙂

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