O Happy Day!

I had an incredible session today with one of my clients, whom I will refer to as JC. One of the things I work on with this boy is manding, which is basically getting him to  properly request to have an item or do an activity. Since it was Valenine’s Day, I brought some little heart shaped boxes that each contained a little treat. I showed him the hearts one by one and would wait for him to request to have them. A couple of times, after receiving a heart, he said “thank you.”  JC had never independently thanked me for anything before this time.  Also, later on in the session after his mom gave him a piece of gum he said thank you to her. She expressed surprise over that.

Another thing we work on is having JC take a walk around the block, staying on the sidewalk and keeping close to his mom. As we were walking out front, he began to get a little ahead of us and was nearing the corner. His mom spoke out and told him he needed to stop and wait for her when he got to the corner. He listened, and did what his mom said. There have been timeswhen he has gotten ahead of us and then tried to bolt away, but he did not do that this time. His mom and I praised him highly for that, and he also stopped and waited another time on the walk.

Finally, we were playing the children’s version of the game Sequence. I have never seen JC so focused on a game. He always knew when it was his turn and did not have to be prompted at all to take his turn today. On his last turn, he had his chip which he could put down on one of two spots. He put his chip down on the right spot, giving him four chips in a row, which is what is required to win the game. When he put his chip down, he exclaimed “BINGO”!  His mom and I both started laughing. He did not need to shout out Bingo, but it showed me that he understood that he had won the game.  I left my session feeling very thankful for the progress I had just witnessed. JC was the very first client I was assigned to when I first started working as a skills trainer with autistic children in September of 2009. This is the last month that JC is eligible to receive services from our company. I am thankful to God that I have been able to work with him all this time and see how far he has come.  I believe with God’s help, he will continue to progress, and I’m believing God has good things in store for JC and his future!


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