The Happiest Place On Earth?

Tomorrow, we leave for a few days to go to what has been called “the happiest place on earth”.  While I have my doubts concerning this description of Disneyland, I am looking forward to getting away for a few days with my family. Our children are teenagers and have never been to Disney before, so we’re looking forward to this. I’ll try to take pictures and post when I can.

7 thoughts on “The Happiest Place On Earth?

  1. Safe travels. You picked a perfect week to come this way – we’ve had rain, rain, and more rain, but it is clearing out and I’m looking at blue skies now!

    Thanks, Sis. McElhaney. We’ve had a lot of rain here too. I just know my husband is going to want to stop at Burbank on the way up or back to go to Daz Bog Coffee. He loves their coffee, and we don’t have one up here.

    1. Well… if you are still in Burbank later this week we are starting revival with Bro. Don Hyler, III on Wednesday night!

      Hope you guys have a great revival. We had Bro. Hyler with us in late April, and the church really enjoyed his ministry. The Hylers are wonderful, godly people!

  2. Good morning. I pray that you will all have a great time. We visited Disney World two years ago. On the first day, we walked into one of the four parks and right berfore us was a giant wizards cap, representing the one worn by Micky in The Sorcorers apprentice. I thought “OH GREAT!” We still had fun, however and I did manage to leave a few tracts around. One positive thing about such a place is that you come into contact with folks from all over the country. You never know who you will meet or who will be ready to hear the words of life.

    While driving back from Cassopolis a few moments ago, it was deeply impressed upon me, the importance to be always ready to minister to the lost. This means going into the venues where the lost congregate and being a city set upon a hill. If we’re abiding in Christ and walking in the Spirit, we’ll already be a city set upon a hill.

    Have a great time. Blessings always in Jesus name.

    Thanks, Timbob. It’s almost Halloween, and I know they’ll be decked out for the occasion, but this is really the only time we could go, so we’ll have to put up with the wizards and stuff. I know that we’ll be on vacation, but I too have thought about God opening doors for us to be a witness while we are there. You just never know who might be hungry and how God would like to use you to help someone. I pray we can be sensitive to those opportunities this week. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Have fun! Our teens loved the Tower of Terror (in California Adventure), perhaps yours will too…

    Hi Kweenmama. Tower of Terror was one of our favorite rides. We went on it each day we were there.

  4. Have a wonderful time! Oh, and hug Mickey for me…love that mouse!

    Hi Sister Hopper. We had a great time, but I never got a chance to hug Mickey. My husband got his picture taken with Goofy. Kind of fittting. LOL

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