It’s Been Over A Year Now…

that I have been working part time with autistic children as a skills trainer. The time has gone by so fast, and I definitely feel more confident in what I’m doing than when I first began. Last week when I was at a client’s house, the educational specialist came by too. That’s not an unusual occurrence, but when she came in she told me that she had to do a TFI on me. I don’t know exactly what that stands for, but it basically means that I was going to be evaluated. I thought, “Well Lord, okay. Just help me to do my best.” One of the things I work on with this little boy is labeling. I might show him something like a teddy bear and say, “What’s this? or “What is it?” or  “Touch the _____________. I am trying to get him to tell me what things are without having to fully or partially prompt him for the answer. Some days this boy is really distracted, and it’s hard to get him to focus on anything, but that day he was just naming things left and right. It was really the best session I ever had with him, and I was thrilled.  Later the ed specialist told me that she liked the way I did the labeling with TB so that even though it was work it was fun for him. I thank the Lord for giving me favor. It has been a blessing having this job, and I just love those days where you see even the smallest breakthrough that a client makes. It could be a new word, a skill mastered or just receiving great eye contact. Little things like that really make it rewarding, and I’m just thankful to play a small part in trying to help these children.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been Over A Year Now…

  1. Sounds like God put you in just the right place. Happy work-a-versary!

    Hi Becky. I do believe that the Lord gave me this job. Thanks for the work-a-versary wishes. 🙂

  2. Wow, it doesn’t seem like a year. Congrats! Reading your post brought to mind a thought of how your evaluation was more than one of a physical nature. You were planting invisible spiritual seeds, and the Lord is evaluating each of us by the way we handle people in this life. So glad that you can be such a blessing to those hurting from the effects of autisism.
    Hi Karen. Thank you for your kind words. Some days I don’t feel like much of a blessing at all, but I do try to be one. I hope I can treat everyone in my life in a way that would be pleasing to God. It certainly is a worthy goal.

  3. Carol, you are exactly the kind of person who can bring these children out. Your love for children and patience with them is evident in everything you have ever said about kids, autistic or not. Autistic children are human beings above all.

    Thank you, Helen.

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