The Road To Revival……………

is paved with prayer, fasting, witnessing and

peanut brittle!

5 thoughts on “The Road To Revival……………

  1. Bro. Terry used to say, “Lick these walls….they’re made out of Peanut Brittle!”
    Lol….Your not a True Pentecostal until you have made and sold Peanut Brittle!

    Wishing you the best,
    Sis. Frances Kendrick

    You might be an aposotlic if………………….you’ve made or sold peanut brittle. Perhaps the golden streets of heaven are really peanut brittle. Thanks for stopping by and wishing us well. :-0

  2. Amen! I remember watching the ladies make peanut brittle when I was a child in Fresno and then selling, selling, selling it!

    Hi Sister Mc. I pray we can sell, sell, sell it real quick.

  3. What a blessing peanut brittle has been over the years! I remember making the yummy stuff in Turlock years ago to pay church bills. Us ladies would make it two and three days a week, then take the children out to sell. I declare peanut brittle was created by the Lord as some type of manna to use to further His Kingdom. God bless you.

    Hi Karen. Yes, peanut brittle has been a blessing to many churches. I enjoy making it, although the pouring part is a little taxing on the arms. After making the 2nd batch on Saturday, my left index finger was stuck in a bent position after I put down the pot. I could not straighten it out. I prayed and asked the Lord to please touch my finger, and I was able to straighten it about a minute later. Thank the Lord!

  4. LOL! Amen. 🙂

    We’ve sold over $500 worth so far. The money is going towards revival meetings we’re having this month.

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