P.A.T.H. 2010

P.A.T.H. 2010 was truly a wonderful conference! Every message preached was anointed and outstanding, and I know many left greatly encouraged and with a renewed zeal to keep on working for the Lord. One of the things I really like about this conference is that it is held at a church and has more of the feeling of an old fashioned fellowship meeting as opposed to a big conference. The last service of the conference was so packed that there were boys(from about 8-12 years old)sitting all across the edge of the platform. They were good too!(Of course, there is a lot of incentive to behave when you have over 50 preachers sitting directly behind you. 🙂 ) I enjoyed hearing a lot of the older hymns sung too, and it was a blessing to be able to sing some songs I haven’t heard in quite a few years. On Friday night, Elder Morton preached on the Oneness of God. It was so gooooood!! The fellowship was great also. After every service, there was a complimentary meal served to all minister and their families. The food was great, and it was an excellent opportunity for ministers to be able to get know other minsters and minister’s wives to be able to connect with other minister’s wives. This is definitely a conference my family and I want to do every year. I’m so glad it’s only a 2 hour drive!


4 thoughts on “P.A.T.H. 2010

  1. What do they have for lay ministers in your church? I know where I attend lay ministers typically are not licensced, they just do the work of the Lord and much more is expected of them and thier families. My church treats them like ministers so that they get to meet people they can fellowship with, become friends and not be the minister. My church also has something for the leaders, who do alot. It really seems to keep them encouraged, helps them find friends and it makes them feel good about themselves and thier work.

    Just Curious.

    Hi Sue. At the conference we went to, all lay ministers that are recognized by their pastors as such were welcome to come to the dinners that were served after the services. Our local church is rather small, and their is only one man my husband considers a lay minister, so when we go to other functions, my husband makes sure that he and his wife are included in any minister’s dinners or fellowships that we are invited to attend. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments and a question. Have a blessed day. 🙂

  2. That’s great. Bro.Morton preached for us on Sunday night for our anniversary service. He preached that we must stay true and not walk away from our apostolic roots.

    Don’t you just love Bro. Morton? He has really impacted so many lives. I hope God keeps him around for a long, long time.

  3. I love the One God message!! Elder Morton was my pastor for 19 years, so I’ve heard him preach it many times, but it never gets old.

    I believe you heard my current pastor, Bro. White, too! I don’t know what he preached, but I’m sure it was a masterpiece. I know I’ve been blessed with great men of God in my life!

    Hi Sister McElhaney. Elder Morton is a great man, and this was actually only the 3rd time I’ve heard him preach. It is amazing to me all the lives that he has impacted and the burden he has for the work of the Lord. I love the preaching of Brother White! He has a unique way of looking at things, and he comes up with some unique titles for his messages too. He preached on The Sad News About Heaven and The Keys To Recovery. Both were excellent. I too, am thankful for the great men of God that have influenced my life!

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