noun 1.

attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment: After years of hard work she finally brought her idea to full fruition.


enjoyment, as of something attained or realized.


state of bearing fruit.
Several months ago, our neighbor two doors down came over and gave us a container with 6 individual tiny tomato plants. Paul excitedly told us that these plants would produce hundreds of little yellow tomatoes that were delicious. We did have some tomato plants in our yard a couple of years ago, so I was happy to have the prospect of once again having this wonderful fruit that is so great in salads. We kept these little plants in our sunny kitchen window for about 8 weeks before my husband transplanted them outside. He took care of them for the first week or so, checking them daily to see how they were doing. One of them did end up dying, but the other 5 are still surviving and doing well. My husband asked me one day if there were any flowers blooming on the plants. I checked that day to see if there were any, but there were not. However, the very next day, I saw several flowers starting to bloom on a couple of the plants. That’s a good sign, because the flowering stage comes right before the fruit stage. It was sometime last week that I saw the first little green tomatoes on a couple of the plants. That’s when I took the two pictures above with my cell phone. Since that time I have found tomatoes on all of the plants. The largest of the plants has more than ten tomatoes on it. I am excited to see the growth on these plants and am looking forward soon to partaking of the “fruits” of our labor.
For several weeks now, before our plants were even flowering, this word has been on my mind. Fruition. It’s exciting to see different fruits and vegetables growing in the natural, but how much more thrilling to see it produced in the spiritual.
– Love
This is the fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5 and attributes that God would like to see develop in our lives.
It comes through
-prayer(and fasting)
-obedience to God’s Word
-sometimes trials and tribulations
In the natural, fruit is enjoyed by all kinds of people. How many like peaches? How many like bananas? How many like plums? How many like apricots? Probably lots and lots.
How many like to be around someone that expresses love? How many like to be with someone that just seems to have a deep settled peace? How many like to be around someone when they’re down that just is so encouraging because of the faith that they express that you can make it through your dark hour?
If we are filled with the Spirit as the Bible teaches, God wants to see fruit produced in our life. If we’re faithful to do our part to cultivate the soil of our hearts, God will do His part, and we will bear fruit, whereby we can be a blessing to others. This is what I want. How about you?

5 thoughts on “Fruition

  1. Good morning. The fruit of the Spirit is to be manifest in our lives increasingly as we grow in Christ. In fact, it’s one of the best indicators of where we are spiritually. When we begin to drift or get out of sorts, we can be sure that the fruit will begin to sour; thereby alerting us to the situation. I remember Phil McAlmond once telling about how his grandchildren could tell if he hadn’t been praying as he should. He may react to a situation in a manner that he normally wouldn’t; resulting in one of them saying “Grandpa, I think that you need to go and pray.”

    It’s interesting that John chapter 15 has been on my mind a lot lately. Through Jesus we can do all things and apart from him we can do nothing. May we abide continually in the True Vine.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


    Hi Timbob. Yes, it’s true that the fruit of the Spirit manifested in our lives(or lack of it) is a good indicator of where we are spiritually. Several years ago, we had a visiting minister teach a lesson which was actually aimed toward children concerning the fruit of the Spirit. He brought several types of fruit with him. He explained how that when he received the Holy Ghost, right away he felt the love of God and a love for people and was able to partake of that love easily. Then, he proceeded to take a couple of bites out of an apple. He also mentioned that joy and peace seemed to come pretty easily too, and he bit into some other fruits that are easily consumed.( a peach and a plum, I think) Later he tried to bite into a cantaloupe and a coconut and went on to explain how these fruits require some work before you can partake of them. Longsuffering and meekness are qualities that we may have to “work at” to see developed in our lives. We may need to do some repenting, get rid of some “baggage” or go through some trials before these qualities can be manifested in us. Some things just don’t come easily, but if we allow God to work on us and through us, he can help us to bear some of the more difficult fruit too. It can be a lifelong process, but as long as we are willing, God will keep working on us. Thanks for stopping by, Timbob.

  2. I definitely want to be around people who show the fruits of the Spirit. I also want that fruit in my life. Amen!
    Fresh picked tomatoes also sound great! I’m looking forward to eating some of these too. 🙂

  3. Wonderful lesson! Some of the fruits I am working on developing are longsuffering and gentleness.

    Our garden is starting to produce now and we are beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labors–tomatoes, onions, radishes, peppers, and squash. And soon we will be able to enjoy cucumbers, corn, and melons. Ya, we love gardening here!

    Hi Kweenmama. Sounds like you have quite the garden going. I’m sure your family is going to enjoy all those wonderful fruits and vegetables.

  4. Excellent post! Excellent analogy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hi Martin. Thank you for your kind comments. It’s good to hear from you again.

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