This poem is dedicated to my dear friend, May.

Time and distance can cause

some relationships to

decay, but

that has not been the case

with you,

old friend.

When I heard your voice

again, you sounded exactly

the same, and suddenly,

I was transported back to

our teen years.

Remembering the little things;

Your ankles cracking

every morning when

you got out of bed.

Filling your closet space


those dreaded banana peels,

and other scenarios

too numerous to mention.

But we are not kids

anymore, and some painful

blows have come your way.

I see you still

fighting the fight,

and I am reminded that

not everything which

is crushed goes

in the discard pile.

Tear the delicate petal

of a rose in

tiny pieces and,

there is still sweet fragrance

to enjoy.

And so friend,

Let’s march on.

Will I see you

in your state?

Or will you visit

in my state?

I do not know.


there is a

City that awaits us!


One thought on “Reunion

  1. What a special post to your friend. It is touching, and demonstrates what a special bonding you both have.

    Hi Karen. Yes, May is a special friend. We were reunited a couple of months ago through e-mail and texting, but this past Sunday was the first time I actually talked to her on the phone in years. It was funny how she sounded exactly the same as she did in Bible college. It’s encouraging to me that even though she has experienced some heart breaking situations, she is still living for God. Many people that I knew from college no longer serve the Lord, so it’s always a blessing when you find someone who is still striving to live by The Book.

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