The Lord’s Lint

Who would have ever thought that something useful could be made with dryer lint? Most of the time, I just throw my dryer lint away, as I’m sure most people do. However, I found out a few months ago that there are lots of uses for dryer lint. The concoction that I made in the last post was a dryer lint clay which is somewhat similar to papier mache. I used it to do a craft with one of my clients.(I work with autistic children.) We took the clay and pressed it on an empty water bottle. Then we pressed colored paper, ribbon, crayon shavings and sparkles into the clay to decorate it. When it dries, it will be a funky flower vase. I meant to take a picture of it, but in my haste to accomplish other things in our session, I forgot.

Here are some other things that can be done with dryer lint.

– Use dryer lint for packing material in boxes.

– It can be reformed into cloth. You can spin it much like wool into thread and then use that thread for weaving, or you could crochet or knit it into a scarf, blanket, etc.

– You can place some dryer lint out on your lawn and watch the birds come and gather this nest building material.

– Stuff your old tube sock with dryer lint to create draft stoppers for your doors.

-Put dryer lint in your kindling box. It is great for starting fires.

-Dryer lint can be used to protect your plants from cold. Put it around the base of your less hardy plants to keep them warm.

-It can be used in making different crafts.

The following piece of art work was made by Bryn Starr Best of Vista, Ca. using dryer lint.

It’s amazing that useful and even beautiful things can be formed from something that most people throw away. Sin has a way of really messing up people, sometimes so much to the point where they or perhaps others around them feel there is nothing good that can come out of their lives. It’s satan’s desire to see human lives messed up and thrown away, but God sees things differently. We can come to God in repentance over our sinful condition not having much to offer, but God sees our potential, and He can make something useful and beautiful out of the life that is surrendered to Him. I’m glad to be counted among the Lord’s lint!


5 thoughts on “The Lord’s Lint

  1. I would have never guessed! The picture really had me stumped.

    Hi Sis. McElhaney. If I were the guesser, I probably would have been stumped too. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

  2. Amazing. Not quite as amazing as what the Lord does for us. But still it is really neat. Not sure though if I could get my daughter to play with dryer lint. She always says “disgusting” when we clean the dryer vent.
    Hope you have a great day!


    Sis Eva

    Hi Sister Eva. If Bell ever feels the urge to give dryer lint a try, I’ve got a bag of it saved. Hee hee. Hope you have a great day too! 😆

  3. Fantastic uses for dryer lint! Though mine is typically loaded with cat and dog hair too so I don’t think I would want to spin it into yarn. =)

    Hi Long Winded Scribbler. Our lint probably wouldn’t work too well for spinning yarn unless I picked through it first. We don’t have cat and dog hair, but my daughter and I both have very long hair which tends to shed a lot. LOL Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. Your picture in your last post left me with no clues. Never heard of using lint but think I’ll give it a try. My word, you can learn something every day. lol

    Yes, there is always something new we can learn. I was pretty amazed when I found there were so many uses for lint. Who would have thunk? 😆

  5. Hi Carol. A month or so ago, you posted a beautiful picture of light and commented that your husband said, “That will preach.” And I agreed. I didn’t say then what else I thought. I thought, in making the light photo an object lesson, he robbed that picture of the opportunity “to preach.”

    Here I feel, you have done a similar thing. Just think how powerful this entry would be if you had stopped with “It’s amazing that useful and even beautiful things can be formed from something that most people throw away.” No mention of sin and how it messes people up. (Of course, this is true. But is it really a part of what you discovered?)

    This was the same kind of things I was saying about poetry. Just present the image, and let the art do its work (let it “preach”). Lint is useful as a medium for art. Art is is means whereby people learn the truth about all kinds of things, including sin in their lives.

    I hope you will take this in the spirit in which I intended it. There is a joy in discovery of one’s own weakness. God can use inanimate objects to “preach,” if people don’t get in the way.

    Hi Helen. Thanks for your comments here. As far as your reference to the post entitled Light Preaching –, it wasn’t my husband that made the comment, “that will preach”, it was my 14 year old son. It was a moment of joy for me in being to able to see how he is maturing in his thinking and in his perception of spiritual things. I felt proud(in the good sense), because he came up with this object lesson on his own. So you see, Helen, the picture preached to him, and I was just sharing what he told me. As far as art being a medium whereby people learn the truth about all kinds of things including sin in their lives, that may be true for some, but not for all. The Bible spells it all out in black and white as far as sin goes; how it entered the world, how it affects our lives and God’s rememdy for it. If a piece of art or an object lesson complements what the Bible has to say, then more power to it. I understand that in poetry you are using imagery and allowing that to speak to people, but these 2 posts that we’re talking about were not poetry. I wanted whoever read it, without a doubt, to know what was going on. I suppose I could have ended the lint post with “It’s amazing that useful and even beautiful things can be formed from something that most people throw away.” I felt it was important to make the spiritual application, because I think it’s a powerful one, and well, one of the main reasons I blog is to have an influence in pointing people toward God. Hope this all makes sense, Helen, and no offense is taken by your comments. I appreciate you sharing your viewpoint.

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