How Many Have Never Seen A Miracle?

This was a question that was asked to the campers in one of the morning sessions at Pacific Coast Camp last week. There were quite a few hands that were raised. Not too long after that there was another question asked. “How many would like to see a miracle?” Lots of hands went up in the air. I am happy to be able to say that my son got to see a miracle while he was at camp. A young man named Jeremy was injured during a basketball game and had his hip dislocated. One of the nurses on site felt that he may have had a fracture as well. Friday night, Jeremy was in service, but it was obvious that he was still in pain and having difficulty walking. At the close of the service that evening, he was at the altar praying along with other young people. A group of campers gathered around him and began to call on the name of Jesus. Jeremy was healed instantly. As the pain left, he began to jump and shout and praise God. This caused a chain reaction, and the others that were around him began to praise God in the same manner. My son was so excited as he was telling me about this, because it was the first time he had seen a miracle take place right in front of his eyes.  He has heard of other miracles from people he knows and believes that they really took place, but that is not the same as being an eyewitness.

As my son was sharing this testimony with me, I began to think about a few miracles I have seen in the past. I remember being in a service several years ago where a man who was on crutches laid them down, began to walk around the church and before long was running. When we were in Costa Rica a few years ago, my husband and I were praying with a lady during altar service. She tried saying something to me in Spanish, but I could only understand a few words that she said. The missionary told us that God had healed her arm while we were praying with her. She hadn’t been able to lift it for some time, and that night she was able to raise both her hands up in worship. While I was thinking about these incidents, a thought came to my mind that it would sure be neat to see more miracles. Almost immediately, I felt the Lord speak to my heart. “Have you prayed and asked to see miracles?”  To be honest, I can’t say that I have,(at least not on a consistent basis) but I am working now on changing that. There is no lack on God’s part, but He has linked Himself to our prayers. Oftentimes, we have not, because we ask not. So, I am asking and looking forward to posting about God’s wonder working power in the near future!


3 thoughts on “How Many Have Never Seen A Miracle?

  1. Mom,

    This post was encouraging. I really feel like God wants to start showing Himself great to people all over the world in these last days. People will be added to the church through this! Signs and wonders convince people…I have been praying for it since before camp, and so have some other young people. That was an answer to prayer!
    Hi Jen. I feel like we’re going to see some great things in these last days too. In the book of Acts, miracles and signs were often used as a platform to preach the gospel. It can be that way in our day too. I’m excited to hear about you and other young people praying for miracles. Keep it up, because God does hear and answer prayer. Love ya!

  2. My husband was healed at a senior camp where he was youth director in 1977. We had thought about not attending as he was in a wheelchair and doctors said he would never walk again. The youth people fasted and prayed that week, and my husband received his healing and has been walking ever since. I believe in miracles and I think God’s people through prayer and fasting will see many more. Wonderful story about Jeremy. Faith abounds!

    Karen, that’s an awesome testimony about your husband. I do believe we are going to see more miracles in these last days, as long as God’s people will fast and pray. Oh that fasting part can be so difficult, but I know it is so necessary. I pray the Lord will help me to practice it more.

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