Scripture Texting


Several months ago, my husband had the plan on my phone updated so I would have unlimited texting. I wasn’t really planning on using it much, but didn’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to be able to use it. A couple of weeks ago, an idea came to my mind.(think I know who put it there)Why not start texting Scripture? Just one simple Bible verse a day. There is plenty of profane, disgusting, vulgar stuff that is sent through texting, so why not send something truly edifying, something eternal? I now look forward to doing this every day.(well Monday through Friday – I take a break on the weekend.) The neat thing about it is some of my friends/family are texting verses back to me too. I love it, because, you can never get too much of God’s Word.  I started coming up with different themes too. The theme for this week was “2B or not 2B”. I shared some Scriptures that talked about attitudes/characteristics we should strive to have and others that we should avoid.  If you like texting and want to send something that is truly worthwhile, I encourage you to encourage someone else with the Holy Bible. It’s the original text, after all! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Scripture Texting

  1. Great idea!!!
    Thanks, Sis. Kendrick. I look forward to seeing you and your family in a couple of days.

  2. I thought I was the only one who did that! I only send them to my kids (they are the only ones I usually text anyway), but they seem to like receiving them. 🙂

  3. What a great idea. I have the whole Bible on mine so if I want to look up a scripture and there’s not a Bible near, I can pick up my cell phone and retrieve what I want.

  4. I am so thrilled to be the recipient of your scripture texts each day. I look forward to hearing from you. Now that’s a great way to use technology for a spiritual purpose. Keep em coming, Sissy!

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