A Most Unusual Reaction To Receving The Holy Ghost

Over the course of 30 years that I have been in church, I’ve seen the different ways that people react when God fills them with the Holy Ghost and they begin to speak in tongues for the very first time. Many have cried tears of joy. I have seen others so beside themselves that they would jump up and down praising God, do a little Holy Ghost dance or take off running around the church. Never though,have I heard of the reaction that I read about in the following true story.


I hope you will take some time to read this story and check out this wonderful blog, which is a collection of true stories that have happened in  aposotlic home missions churches across the country. Coming into a home missions church at the age of 16, and starting a home missions work with my husband a little over 7 years ago, I can relate to many of these stories. Some of them have made me laugh, and others had me sitting at the computer weeping. God is so good in spite of our human weaknesses!


One thought on “A Most Unusual Reaction To Receving The Holy Ghost

  1. This story reminds me of when a large number of gypsies received the Holy Ghost in the Fresno church years ago. They eventually moved to Florida for their work.

    One evangelist that was with us told us a story about a Buddhist man that had visited a service where he was preaching. The power of God was so strong in that service that it actually knocked the Buddhist man over. His response was similar to that in the story, and he ended up receiving the Holy Ghost that evening as well.

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