My How Time Flies!

This picture was taken on Sunday with my cell phone. 7 years ago when we moved to Oakley with the purpose of starting a church, Paul was 7, and Jen was 11. (A popular saying in our house at that time was “Oh thank heaven for 7-11!”)What a journey it has been! Things have not always been easy, but I know that God has led us every step of the way, and I’m thankful for His guidance. I can look back on our years here and see many ways in which God has blessed us. When we first started having services, we had no music, and we sang acapella for 6 months with yours truly leading the singing. We were blessed to be able to graduate to an Ensoniq keyboard that had disks with programmed songs on them that you could pop in and play. That was a definite improvement. Then our daughter who was taking piano lessons began to play for the offering time. Finally, the day came when her dad told her that he wanted her to play for the whole service. She was scared, but she did it and has been playing ever since. God is currently raising up other musicians too, which is really wonderful. I think about the many visitors that have come through our doors. Some only came one time, but I’m thankful that there were others that stuck around, saw the need to be baptized in Jesus’ name and were filled with the Holy Ghost. We’re praying for more of that kind in 2010 and beyond. I’m grateful too for our present church facility. We rented from another church for 5 years before we were able to lease a building in the downtown. We are in a great location and have had a lot more people come through our doors since we started having services there in October of 2008. Although we do not have Sunday school classrooms in our building, we do have children’s church on Sunday mornings, and we’ve seen God do some wonderful things through this ministry. I’m just thankful for what God has done, what He is currently doing and for the marvelous things He has in store for His people in the city of Oakley.


One thought on “My How Time Flies!

  1. These are the stories I love to hear. Definitely there have been a lot of hardships but you have allowed the good times to overtake your words and it is an inspiration to us all. Oh, for more men and women who are willing to dig out a new work. God bless Antioch church and a family that is willing to make it happen.

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