Variety May Be The Spice Of Life, But……………..

monotony will pay the bills!

This is a quote I heard from the minister who preached the last message at On Course.(a dynamic youth conference that I was privileged to attend with my family and some folks from our church)I love going to good apostolic conferences, hearing the preaching, participating in worship and enjoying fellowship with people of like precious faith. Conferences can be wonderful, but this is not the thing that will keep us living for God. What really counts are the day to day things we do to maintain a relationship with God. We must learn how to develop a daily devotion which includes prayer and the reading of God’s Word, the Bible.  If we want to be succesful at anything in life, it is important to have some habits. If you want to be successful in your occupation, you at least have to have the habit of showing up when you are supposed to be at work. Those who strive for excelllence pertaining to competitive sports know that there are some things they must do daily, such as excercise, practicing their sport and eating the right kinds of food. Sometimes habits can feel monotonous. The athlete might not always feel like rolling out of bed and going to jog or go through an exercise routine, but he at times must push past those feelings and do what he knows is necessary to achieve his goals.  Those striving to serve the Lord may go through times in their experience where they don’t feel like making the effort to pray(and real prayer is work!) or spending time reading the Bible.  Let’s face it, we just don’t always feel spiritual. I know I don’t. However, we need to push past those feelings and develop that relationship with God, because after that wonderful conference is over, it is our Christian habits that will keep us. This was such a fitting topic for the last message of a truly wondeful and anointed youth conference. I know that many young people will take it to heart, and it was good for middle agers like me too. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Variety May Be The Spice Of Life, But……………..

  1. Glad you were able to go enjoy the messages at youth conference. What place can any of us get more refreshed than being among young people?

    Hi Karen. I am so thankful we were able to go to this conference. In the 7 years that we have been in Oakley, this was absolutely the best meeting of which our young people were a part. On Friday morning, Brother Russell Frazier preached a message entitled, “Can You Survive The Delay?” The altar service afterwards was just incredible. When it was all over and most people had left the sanctuary, my husband and I walked all across the cement floor altar area. Every few feet as we walked we could see puddles of tears. God only knows how many people’s eternal destination will be affected because of the message preached and the response to it.

  2. This is so true. We do need to develop the habits that are most important. I have noticed that my daily habit of early morning prayer, scripture study, and journaling seems to make my day go smoother.

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