God Works In Mysterious Ways

Although this saying is not found in the Bible, I believe there are other verses in the Word of God that support this principle. (eg. Romans 8:28, Deut. 29:29) A lady that goes to our church has been praying for God to lead her to someone that’s really hungry for Him and that she would be instrumental in bringing someone to church. Last night, while this lady’s son was riding his bike, he was hit by a car. He is okay, but the girl that hit him was really shook up. Anyhow, this lady was able to talk to this girl(I say girl, but she’s actually 24.)about God, and she brought her with her to church tonight. God answered her prayer. It was not quite the way she expected, but God seems to have a way of surprising us sometimes, and He can bring good things out of not so good circumstances.  I just thought this was pretty neat and wanted to share it.


2 thoughts on “God Works In Mysterious Ways

  1. So are you suggesting that the mom’s desire to bring someone to god – ie. convert – was a prayer answered by god by organizing her son to be struck by a car… as in god directed the driver to hit the son so she could be ‘saved’ by the mom?

    Don’t you find that reasoning and assigned motivation to god to be rather twisted? Where’s the son’s ‘choice’ to be an agent of divine will in all of this?

    My time is limited right now, so let me briefly say this, the Scripture(which I consider the standard for truth) tells us in the book of Romans:
    Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
    This incident with the woman’s son was not necessarily a good thing, it could have been a much worse thing but good came out of it in that the woman was able to talk to this girl about God and bring her to church. Also, this woman has been praying for her son who does not have a relationship with God at this time. This could be a wake up call for him too to consider the brevity of life and what is to come afterwards. Nuff said for now.

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