Putting On The Blitz

This type of poem is called the Blitz. To learn how to write one, click here.

Coming Through Sacrifice


Soon appearing

Soon coming

Coming in clouds

Coming in glory

Glory and honor

Glory and power

Power to rise

Power to change

Change to be like Him

Change in a moment

Moment of time

Moment eternal

Eternal hope

Eternal salvation

Salvation secured

Salvation of soul

Soul redeemed

Soul at rest

Rest from toil

Rest in peace

Peace imparted

Peace of God

God of mercy

God of wonders

Wonders amazing

Wonders unceasing

Unceasing devotion

Unceasing praise

Praise resounding

Praise abounding

Abounding in blessing

Abounding in joy

Joy fathomless

Joy unspeakable

Unspeakable scenes

Unspeakable beauty

Beauty for ashes

Beauty untainted

Untainted within

Untainted by sin

Sin pummeled

Sin defeated

Defeated at Calvary

Defeated by love

Love unconditional

Love sacrifice

Sacrifice through offering

Sacrifice brings victory



Written 1-16-10


3 thoughts on “Putting On The Blitz

  1. Sis. Carol, It’s Me Phoebe,How Are You Doing? I’ve Been Reading Your Blog…. I Really Do Like It,Very Uplifting And Very Sis.Carol…Just Wanted To Say Hi,And Monday 13yrs With My Husband….Well Take Care Of Yourself… Love Always Phoebe(aka Dana Claiborne)

    Phoebe dear! It’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been surprised to find out some of the people that read my blog. You just never know. Congratulations to you and Gary! 13 years goes by fast doesn’t it? You take care of yourself too, and keep living for God.
    Sis. C.

  2. Interesting poem. Must try to pen one of these.

    Hi Karen. This type of poem is a bit more challenging to write. I must confess that I really don’t like the title, but there is a pattern to follow for writing your title, and this is what fit the pattern. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Interesting! I will have to try one myself one of these days!

    Defeated at Calvary
    Defeated with Love!!!!!

    Hi Scotti. The blitz was more of a challenge for me, but I’m sure you’d do well with it. Thanks for stopping by.

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