I’m So Glad Our Refrigerator Broke Down…..

on a day that we actually had some money to get it repaired! ,It seems our freezer was not keeping things as cold as they should have been, so after trying several repair places, I was able to find someone that could do the work today and not next week. Wouldn’t you know it? Our internet was down too. It was a problem that earthlink was not able to fix over the phone, so we had to have a computer repairman come out too. I’m just thankful to God for the timing in this, because if it had happened last week, we would not have been able to do anything about it, due to being flat broke and not knowing exactly when hubby’s next check would be coming in the mail.

God did some little things this week at work for me too. To some people, these things might seem insignificant, but to me, they are just reminders from the Lord that He is with me and is working. I saw progress in all 3 of the kids with whom I have sessions. The first one happened Monday. I was at R.S’s house, and was making a popping noise that he likes to try and facilitate communication.(getting him to ask me to do it again) He signed and said “more” (more like “mo”) several times. Then I said, “It’s your turn.” He then proceeded to try and imitate the popping sound on his own, which showed me that he understands the concept of taking turns. Pretty cool. On Tuesday, I was with JC. We made an edible Christmas tree with graham crackers, green frosting and red hot candies for decoration. Later, when his mom was looking at his creation, he leaned over the counter and took a little bite of his tree. Then, he looked at his mother and asked, “Want a bite?” I have never heard this boy spontaneously ask a question like that on his own with no prompting. I was jazzed! Today I was working with JT. He doesn’t talk much yet, so in order for him to communicate he will either sign or use what is called PECS(picture exchange communication system).  When we are doing PECS, I carry around a little notebook with a strip of velcro attached to it. On the velcro strip is a plastic card with a picture of an outstretched hand and the words “I want.” I will follow this boy around with the card, and when he wants a particular toy or activity, he will pull off the “I want” card and hand it to me. (most of the time I do not need to prompt him to do this as we did when he first started PECS). Anyhow, earlier today he was standing a few feet away from me and looking down at his shoe. I could tell that he was wanting that shoe off.(he needs help to get it off) I was not holding the PECS book at the time. It was actually on the floor about 2 feet away from the kid. He walked over to the book, picked it up, pulled off the card and came and handed it to me. That was the first time he did that from that distance! So I thank God for these little steps.

Okay, it’s time to go. Tomorrow is our Christmas banquet, and Sunday we have our kids’ Christmas program. I look forward to it, but will be glad when it’s over. I’m tired!


5 thoughts on “I’m So Glad Our Refrigerator Broke Down…..

  1. It’s always nice to hear the way God is working in your life, Carol. I can sure tell He has placed you in the right job! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and that, maybe, there’ll be a little time in there for you to rest.
    Hi Becky. I feel like I am in the right job too. Thank the Lord! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas as well.

  2. Happy to read about the progress of all 3 of those kids! Nifty. Will be looking forward to hearing how the banquet went and how the kids’ Christmas program went. We’ve got our one-man drama w/Bro. Kelly Ventura–Saving Scrooge. We’re expecting a lot of visitors. It was really good last year! GOD BLESS! L, Stome

    Hi Tom. The banquet went well. We had a good turnout with a lot of visitors. Hope the one-man drama goes well. Bro. Ventura does a great job with that.

  3. It certainly does look like God is at work in your life. Thank heavens for His tender mercies!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    Thanks, Kweenmama. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas as well. 🙂

  4. Our breakdowns happened at Thanksgiving – dishwasher, microwave, fountain pump – but God has been good and supplied our needs. Glad your banquet went well. It is wonderful to be with church family at the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas, and blessings to you and yours.
    Hi Karen. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas as well. What a blessing to know the real reason for the season!

  5. God’s timing is amazing, isn’t it? 2 different years, we had expensive repairs to be made (a new transmission-$1200, and a new well pump-$700) Both times, we had just received our tax refunds. Without them, we would not have been able to make the repairs. Timing is everything, and God’s got it down to a science!

    Carol, it was good to hear from you, take care 🙂

    Hi Holly. Yes, God’s timing is amazing. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Thanks for stopping by today.

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