I’m Thankful Four – Day #4

1.  I’m thankful for the relatives and friends who are coming to share Thanksgiving with us today.  Each of them makes this day special in their own unique way.

2. The food that will grace our table today – Turkey, stuffing(made by Molly my niece, no “holy smoke” stuffing this year from Kiki – if you want to know the story behind that click here. )Greek stuffing made by my husband, Florentine lasagna, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, English pea salad, green salad, homemade French bread, cranberries, Nilla Praline cheesecake, cherry cheesecake, pumpkin pie and a few other yummy desserts.

3. The bustling about in the kitchen on the 2 days before Thanksgiving. Tuesday night Jennifer and I were in the kitchen doing the prep work to make the lasagna. She did most of the work. All I did was coach when necessary and slice the mozzarella cheese. We had a good time working together. On Thanksgiving eve, the hubby was in the kitchen working on his Greek stuffing, and Jen is making Nilla Praline Cheesecake and french bread.  Just the comaraderie of being in the kitchen together is cool.

4. The Thanksgiving holiday itself – Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I enjoy the fact that it seems to be the least commercialized of all the holidays. It’s a day that really makes me stop and count my blessings, and life is more enjoyable when we stop to consider God’s goodness in our lives.



3 thoughts on “I’m Thankful Four – Day #4

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Carol. I can sense the love in the things that you have posted and am sure you had a wonderful day.

    Thanks, Becky. We did have a wonderful day. Hope your day was great too.

  2. Sis, I had a wonderful time at your place for Thanksgiving. You are a most gracious hostess, and you put love in everything you do. The food was marvelous, and it was fun playing Balderdash with everyone. I really enjoyed singing with Jen while Bub played on her keyboard. The whole day was so special. Thanks for sharing. I love you bunches!

    Aw, Keek. It’s always a pleasure to have you guys for Thanksgiving. I’m grateful we still had a house in which to have Thanksgiving. Glad Jer and Molly were able to be with us this year. Molly’s stuffing was the bomb. I really enjoyed the whole day too. God, good food, family and friends is a great combination. Love you too!

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