I’m Thankful Four – Day 3





My mother – Mom turned 70 in August, and I am thankful that she is still around. I truly have been blessed with a wonderful mother and am thankful for the sacrifices she made for all of her kids over the years.  She taught me a lot just by having a good attitude about situations in life that were not pleasant and would have made others complain. I love you mom, and I’m glad you’re coming over for Thanksgiving!





Our dog – Misty is a great little pooch. When I am at home, she is my shadow. She follows me down the stairs each morning and likes to sit in the recliner and be close by while I’m praying.  She is hilarious at Christmas time, for she loves to open gifts and has been caught snooping around the tree a time or two. All we have to do is put a gift on the floor in front of her, and she will savagely tear at it until it is open.  We certainly love our Misty pooch. 🙂

3. Good health – The only times that I have stayed overnight in a hospital were when I was born and when I gave birth to my two children. I’m very thankful for that, because I don’t enjoy hospitals. I’ve heard the saying that “when you have your health, you have just about everything”. It should be “when you have a relationship with God and have your health, you have just about everything.  I’m thankful right now that I have both. (even though I am battling a cold as I write)

4. Laughter – The Bible says that “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” I’m thankful I have some “good medicine” in my life , and  lot of it comes via my husband, son and daughter.(mostly my son) I don’t think it’s good to be too serious, and I have had times in my life where I start to spiral downward, because I’m consumed with life’s situations and not taking time to laugh and enjoy life. Thank you Lord, for the gift of laughter! 😆

Okay, I’m going to tell you something that may surprise you. A couple of years ago, my husband and I were spending some leisure time with another pastor and his wife. The pastor’s wife and I were looking around in a quaint litte shop, when she came across a book which she picked up and began reading. She was laughing, so I came over to see what she was laughing about. The book she had picked up was entitled Walter The Farting Dog. I started reading it with her, and we were both standing there laughing hysterically. Flatulence can be inappropriate at times, but other times it is just plain funny. That book was a real gas. 🙂


One thought on “I’m Thankful Four – Day 3

  1. What beautiful thanks postings. You’ve selected the most important in life. Rich blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving.

    Thank you, Karen. I’m grateful I’ve been blessed in this life with the things that really matter. A Happy Thanksgiving to the Hopper household as well! 🙂

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