Happy 18th Birthday, Jennifer!








This is a goofy picture that Jen took of herself on Sunday. It shows the fun loving side of her personality, and believe me, Jennifer likes to have fun! Jen, you are a joy to be around, and I always enjoy it when we can spend time together.  18 years ago, God gave me a precious gift when He gave me you.  It’s been wonderful watching you grow through every stage of your life, and I am proud of the fine young lady that you have become.  Happy 18th birthday, baby!

All my love,


*** If anybody wants to see some really nice pictures of Jen(taken by an awesome photographer) click here.


9 thoughts on “Happy 18th Birthday, Jennifer!

  1. Awww mom, sweet post, I love you! But um, the pic is rotten!

    Hi Jen. I know the picture isn’t the greatest, but it so captures your fun loving nature. 😆

  2. Happy Birthday to my two precious girls!

    Carol, you are a wonderful wife – it is a joy to be your husband!

    Jen, you put that “proud Papa” look in my eyes whenever I see you…

    Love you both!

    Aw, thanks darling. I love you too!

  3. Carol, You’ve done a fine job of raising a lovely young woman.

    Helen, I thank God that Jen has become the person she is today. I can see mistakes and my shortcomings in parenting, but God has been good, and it has been a joy to watch my daughter develop her own relationship with God. I can’t think of any greater reward that a parent could experience, and I’m very thankful.

  4. Your daughter is gorgeous! Hope her birthday was awesome!

    Hi Kweenmama. I think she’s gorgeous too, but then again, I’m her mama. 🙂 She didn’t get to do much on her actual birthday, but she had the day off on Saturday and was able to go shopping and iceskating with some of her good friends. She really enjoyed that.

  5. Talk about being a day late and a dollar short! LOL Oh well!!!!

    Happy be-lated Birthday Jen! I hope it was wonderful! You are a beautiful young lady and I know you do your parents proud. I wish you all the happiness in the Lord and may your life be full of His blessings. Welcome to ADULTHOOD!!!! LOL!

    Hi Jolene. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes which I will pass along to Jen.

  6. Late, I’m late for an important date!
    Never the less, happy very belated birthday. Daughters are a bit like mirrors aren’t they?
    Hi Catherine. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes for Jen. Yes, daughters are a lot like mirrors, which should make us cautious in what we portray to them, because they will reflect it. Thanks for stopping by today.

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